Thursday, February 17, 2011


Hoakay, so, zees iz zee deall. The day is of Saturday, the time is round abouts 12:45, the place is in the vicinity of Manhattan. I'm going on quest to find some answers. There has been talk of an uprising, young adults are joining together as one in efforts to create a new society. Now please, before you back up all your belongings to join in this endeavour, realise that this is not really happening, I am sorry to disappoint you. Wait, I take that back, now that I think about it I'm really not that sorry. 

Now on to more important matters. Something big will be happening in Manhattan. I'll give you a hint, it begins with a "meh" and ends with an "ee". That's right, I'm going to Manhattan on Saturday. So maybe I'm not really that big of a deal, but this is a big deal to me. I'm going in the hopes to become a model/actor (preferably actor, but I can settle with modelling).

Back when the world was young, more specifically this past January, I received a Facebook message from my parents in PA that I had received a call. I was given the name and the number of the person I was supposed to call and that was it. About 3 days later I call and an automated message answers telling me I have reached One Source Talent and then I'm given the business hours. Hearing that it was an acting company calling me I decided I would call back next chance I got, so I did, a few days later. This time around I reached a real person and found out I was scheduled for an interview/audition that weekend and I was like "Whaaaat!" but in my head. I said I wouldn't be able to make that date and would call back to schedule a better time. 

Well this weekend I have a better time, it's full of nothing to do, that is until I scheduled this meeting. I called shortly after lunch and had an appointment ready in 5 minutes. 

Now I'm foaming at the mouth with excitement and anticipation. This is something I've wanted since last year. And I don't care if that's a short amount of time to want something so big, I have a passion for it and some people have even told me I'm good at it, so I'm going for it. 

Thus, in conclusion, I will be praying my lips off right up to the point of my audition(slash)interview, and you had better be doing the same, please.

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