Saturday, February 5, 2011

Daisy B.

This is a song that I wrote back during my jr. year of high school. My friend is singing this and improving the guitar music. It was recorded with my iPod and people were sort of doing their own thing during the process, so it's not really terribly professional. I'd say it's not bad for on the spot singing and guitar playing. Click on the link below and let me know what you guys think.

Daisy B.

Here are the original lyrics. (I'm a bit iffy about the last part)

Daisy B. can't you see
I'm in love with you
When I'm down and blue                      Chorus
I know it's cool
Cause I'm in love with you

Your big smile, shining from ear to ear
It makes me want to shed a tear
Just one, one of pure joy
You make me feel like a little plastic toy

Daisy B.
Your beauty melts my heart and
I fall into parts
When I'm driving my car
I can never go far without thinking of you

Your radiant hair, so pretty and fair
In waves cascading down
It covers you like an elegant gown

When I see you skipping down the hall
Bouncing a bouncy ball
I think to myself
I'm glad she hasn't kept her fun up on a shelf


  1. Your right I did like it ALOT drew this could be awesome, I hope to see the finished product:)