Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Today is going to be filled. The girls are coming up to clean the mens dorm before the youth weekend. This is a weekend in which a bunch of youth come up and make things stressful, but it's fun none the less. Last youth weekend is when I recorded Daisy B.
I must say though, I feel kinda hurt that the staff feel the need to have the girls clean our dorm.
Please excuse me while I go off on a completely different subject, but I thought I should say that my coffee make over flowed and made a huge mess on the desk and floor. Ugh.
Anyway, I believe us guys are completely capable of making our dorm clean, at least I know I am. But instead we'll be shovelling, which I figure is more important than cleaning.
Other excitement includes soccer and volleyball this evening for sports, and after that we're all going out bowling. And since my fractured finger is much better I should actually be able to do well. Here's hoping anyway.

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  1. Well, hi there! Glad you found my blog.

    Don't worry: I think you are definitely capable of cleaning your dorm. But there are only two of you! ;O)

    What happened to your finger? (!)