Saturday, March 5, 2011

Christians of Today

Many of us have heard the news of Snyder v Westboro Baptist Church. After reading What a Shame, for the past week I've been thinking how Christians could believe, do, and say the things that Westboro Baptist did. Like Kayla said, it's a shame, but what's worse is that this group of Christians aren't the only ones. There are many of us today that are just like them. Maybe not in the same way, maybe we're not quite as blunt as Westboro is, but the fact remains, we have a problem.

There's a song called Down In Flames by Relient K, it's a song about the problem I'm talking about. We're going down in flames, attacking our brothers, but calling ourselves followers of Christ. Imagine, if you will, if Jesus were here today what do you think he would be doing, what do you think he would be saying. I certainly don't think he would be going around saying that he hates homosexuals. He loves everyone, but he hates their sin. We should be the same way. Love the sinner, hate the sin.

We say Christians are supposed to live Christ like lives, but in so many different ways I don't see that happening. When we say that we're a Christian we should mean it in the most literal sense, "I live a Christ like life." The best way to know how to lead a Christ like life is to follow the example that Jesus set himself. Now I know it's impossible to be truly Christ like but it's a worthy goal to strive for don't you think? There are many different things that we as people, being human, have to work on. Stereotyping, judging others, pride, ignorance, hardheadedness, these are some of the biggest problems that many Christians face when it comes to how we interact with other people, how we react to national and global events, and how we treat each other as Christians.

There are many different denominational Christian Churches, but who's to say that any one of them is wrong. Different people interpret the Bible differently and it's stated in the Bible that this will happen and to not quarrel amongst ourselves about our different interpretations. But there are also hard drawn lines about living a Christ like life, and these are obviously not up for interpretation. If you find that you have a different view from your Christian brother ask yourself this, "Is he living a Biblical life, is there anything in the Bible that says he shouldn't do that?" If not, let him be, if so, tell him gracefully how he is wrong, and back yourself up with the Bible.

The same goes with non-Christians. Don't go yelling and screaming in their face that they're wrong and that they're going to go to hell. Explain to them their wrongdoing as if you were there friend. No one is going to listen if you beat on them, they'll just ignore you, but if you approach them in a kindly manner you may be surprised as to how willing they are to listen. And again, back yourself up with the Bible. They may not become a Christian that instant, but the love you show them will make them wonder, and that's an important step the becoming a Christian.

I will admit, I'm as much to blame for this problem as anyone else is, but if we are to fix this problem it must be known. Our God is a loving God, not a hating one. He loves everyone, but hates sin. Don't be too quick to stereotype or judge people. Try not to be ignorant, prideful, or hardheaded. Don't condemn your brother for what he is doing unless you're certain what he is doing is not Biblical. And explain wrongdoing with grace and love to believers and non-believers alike. We won't get it right all the time, but if we all at least try we'll be moving in the right direction.


  1. I couldn't agree more. You write well and what you are saying is true. Keep it up.

  2. Drew, fantastic post. Its a great reminder that it isn't one church over another, but that we all have a responsibility in how we act to love God and love our neighbor as our self. Keep writing! You're great at it.

  3. Favorite post so far. I came here to read critically (which I always do when someone posts something about God/Christianity, because often times its cliche or hypocritical or whatever) and was really impressed. A lot of truth in there, and I can tell you are growing in your walk. Hallelujah.

  4. Fantastic post, my favorite so far. I especially liked how you pointed out that as long as other fellow Christians are living a biblical life, we have no real reason or need to condemn them simply for being a different denomination. We all follow the same primary code and follow Christ's guidance. :)

  5. This is phenomenal! Great insight Drew. I really enjoyed reading this and I feel like I learned more. This is really encouraging! I really hope other readers who click the "random post" button will stumble upon this. Even more so, I hope they search for this post... by God's will.

  6. Im glad you guys are so impressed with this post. Im hoping that many people read this 'cause its something that I truly believe needs to be brought to light to Christians. I want God to be praised by how people react to this post.