Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Let me tell yah something, pizza is good. There are no two ways about it and if you don't like pizza you can go jump in a ditch. (I am not responsible for any injuries that occur if you take that seriously, but seriously, go jump in a ditch).

I'm not a huge fan of cheese, in fact I hate pretty much all cheese despite how it's prepared or presented, except for when it's on pizza. I don't know why this is the case, perhaps it's the tomato sauce, maybe it's how it's cooked, I don't know, but there's something about pizza that makes cheese taste good. 

Pizza is a staple of Italian cuisine and a staple of American junk food. At it's best it's beautiful, it smells like your moms perfume, and tastes like the fourth of July in your mouth. At it's worst it looks like leftovers from a month ago, it smells like a run over skunk, and tastes like a shoe soaked in grease. We can all picture it, the beautiful pizza we all want to run to get, and the ugly greasy one that we cover in napkins in the hopes to get rid of all the grease. 

Pizza is a pastime. It's the party food of choice. Sports enthusiasts order it up before the game starts on tv. The party planners buy it by the box to satisfy those hungry teens. The cool kids choose pizza buffets to hang out at. 

Pizza is what brings people together. If you don't like pizza then I'm sorry, you're missing out. As for those of you who do like pizza, let's have a party. 

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