Monday, April 4, 2011

I Gots A Job

So for the past two weeks I've been looking for a job as I'm sure many of you already know. I put out applications everywhere and managed to get two interviews in those two weeks. They were at Costco and Pizza Hut. Both interviews went well and left me feeling positive about the jobs.

Today I was notified that I have a job at Pizza Hut. I am ecstatic and would like to thank all of you who prayed that I would get a job, thank you. I "start" on Monday. The first few days will be paperwork and training. I can't wait to start delivering pizza.

As for Costco, my interview with them was on Friday and they said that they'd call me back within the week, so there's still a fair chance that I'll get a job with them too. Please continue to pray for a positive outcome regarding a job at Costco.

Again, thanks for all your prayers.

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